Off-Site Alarm Monitoring in Morehead City, NC

Fire Alarm, Security Alarm, CCTV Monitoring in Morehead City, NC

One of the biggest concerns homeowners and business owners have is "what happens when I am not there?" Now, you no longer have to wonder. We, at Crystal Coast Electric, are able to provide monitoring for your fire alarm, security alarm, and CCTV systems. In the event there is an emergency, we will be right there to notify the authorities and you to minimize any damage or theft.

Don't Forget About Maintenance

As with all electronic equipment, regular maintenance is crucial to ensuring proper function. For this reason, we also offer repair services of your fire alarm, security alarm, or CCTV system. If we detect a potential malfunction, we wil notify you and schedule an appointment for repair. We strive to provide customer service that creates customers for life, so give us a call to experience the difference.