Cable TV Wiring

Wire New Cable Jacks in Morehead City, NC

Cable tv and coaxiall wiring first gained popularity in American homes in the 1980s and people have been enjoying it ever since. As a result, older homes need coax wiring, used in the delivery of cable tv, retrofitted and installed throughout. We, at Crystal Coast Electric, have been updating the cable systems in the homes of Coastal North Carolina for over 20 years. Wheather you just bought a new tv and need a new room connected to existing infrastructure, or are renovating your older home, you can rest easy and know that Crystal Coast Electric has your entertainment needs covered.

Make Sure Your Cables Can Handle All Your Home's Electronics

One thing to keep in mind when adding or replacing cable is to ensure that the cable size you choose is enough to support all of your devices. One thing to keep in mind, when the cables in your home were installed, they were generally used for just one television in the home. Now, most homes have cable and internet connected to 5-10 different devices. We will make sure that your cable lines will be able to handle the traffic from each of your home's devices. Call us today to learn more!